Verify Computer Name against Active Directory in SCCM task sequence

Recently, I have been asked by one of my customers, for computer name checks against Active Directory before setting it in SCCM task sequence for new computer deployment. Searching the web didn’t came up with any results, and since the request sounded really reasonable to me, I decided to take the challenge. My solution had to be secure. meaning,
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Symantec Endpoint Protection Block SCCM Office Updates

Recently I’ve got an issue with SCCM agent couldn’t install any office update.While investigating the issue, I saw other updates installed without any problem.Looking at the event viewer reveal error 11406 – installation couldn’t wright to Browser Helper Objects registry key: After hours of searching, I saw the following policy in Symantec Endpoint Protection: It looks like someone activate
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SCCM Client Installation Failures

The following list is some failures in SCCM client installations and the resolution: Problem:One or more certificate is missing on local machine (should be 2 certificates). CertificateMaintenance.log shows the following entries:Crypt acquire context failed with 0x8009000fCause:Wrong permissions for machine key starts with 19c5.. located under the following path:C:ProgramDataMicrosoftCryptoRSAMachineKeysResolution:Correct permission for the file should be:System: full controlLocal
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Monitor Active Directory Security Group membership changes

In many environments permission to add members to strong security groups (lets say Domain Admins group) is granted to many users.Sometime those permissions are getting out of hand, so audit those group membership become vital.In this post I would like to demonstrate how to audit security groups with build-in tools. First step Enable Audit account
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Query Daylight Saving Time information with SCCM

Many system administrators regularly get asked about computers Daylight Saving Time (DST) information in there network.With SCCM you can easily get that information with simple query and add it to collection. First, to get time zone information we need to add Time Zone class to hardware inventory in the relevant client settings:  Soon as the clients will
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Automatic Client Upgrade for SCCM cumulative update

Since Microsoft started to release cumulative updates for SCCM, we had to deploy package to Client in order to keep the clients up to date. automatic client upgrade was exclusively saved for major updates (like service packs).Microsoft recognize the need to automatic upgrade the Clients after installing cumulative update to the site server as well. The last
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