Exclude updates from Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) in SCCM 2012

Exclude updates from Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) in SCCM 2012
Sometimes it is necessary to exclude some updates from automatically distribute to clients.
When using Automatic Deployment Rule (ADR) in sccm 2012, all updates that meet the criteria that was configured will added to the associated software updates group, and will be eventually distribute to clients.
Exclude updates from ADR
Find the desire ADR, under Software Library node go to Software Updates -> Automatic Update Rules.
In the ADR properties, go to Software Updates tab and add a Title with - (minus) and the name of the update you would like to exclude.
The following is an example for exclusion an IE9 for Windows Server 2008 R2:
-“Windows Internet Explorer 9 for Windows Server 2008 R2 for x64-based systems”
You can add multiple exclusions as well.
The following is an example for exclusion Internet Explorer 10 and 11 for Windows 7:
Quotes should be added only when you use the exact name of the update.
When using a partial name of the update or when using it for general product exclusion, use it without the quotes.
Be aware that using general title without quote, will result all updates that match that partial name to be excluded from the deployment.
For example, using Title -internet explorer 10 will result internet explorer 10 and all updates for internet 10 to be exclude.
Remove the update from the package
Last thing to do is to remove the update from the package.
  • locate the the package name: double click the ADR and navigate to Deployment Package tab:
  • Under Software Library node, navigate to Overview->Software Updates->Deployment Packages, and double click the relevant package.
  • In the search box, type the update name you would like to remove.
  • Make sure the update is not part of any deployment by right click the update, choose Edit Membership and remove the update from any deployment:
    Refresh and wait!!!  this process can take up to couple of minutes to clear all deployments.
Deleting an update without removing it from existing deployment will popup the following warning:
  •  Delete the update from the package.

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