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Junior DevOps Engineer

We are looking for developers or IT / cloud professionals that want a career shift to DevOps role. Matching candidates will have strong knowledge and work experience in either field, passion for the field and strong autodidact abilities.
Wizards DevOps engineers provide customers with solutions for their DevOps needs. From building CI/CD pipelines to designing and deploying Kubernetes based environments. Helping developers and operations teams to improve their work processes, automating and making processes more efficient where apt, building them from scratch when there are none.

Candidates who are hired will begin with a period of an intense focused study in which they will acquire the skills required for their day-to-day work. Following that, they will begin working with clients, mentored, and guided at first, and on their own when ready.

Matching candidate:

• Have at least 2 years of work experience as developer or IT / Cloud / Sysadmin, with strong skills in the relevant field. • Used and can operate and manage Linux. • Can code or write scripts. • Motivated and strongly interested in the field.

Senior DevOps Engineer