Specializing in enterprise computing consulting services for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Wizards’ consultants, architects, and technical experts have decades of experience in consulting, planning, and building computing solution architecture for local and international companies and organizations.

We have cultivated strong, ongoing partnerships with the world’s leading software houses and computer manufacturers in a wide variety of computing environments (cloud platforms, Windows, VMware, Linux, containers, and more). These relationships allow us to provide our customers a broad selection of the most innovative solutions in a wide range of hybrid computing environments including cloud technologies, DevOps, containers, BYOD, unified messages, DR, and more.

Our team of professional consultants accompanies our customers from the earliest stages of specification design. After selecting the appropriate solution our experts perform detailed planning, conduct a pilot, deploy the complete solution, and implement it across the organization.

Our reputation for trusted consulting and architecture is built on our vast knowledge and experience,  decades of specialization in IT technologies, and certification from the world’s leading computing manufacturers, including Microsoft, VMware Quest, Citrix, Red Hat, and more.

Wizards offers its wide range of services in several flexible packages such as hours banks, predefined product-based price quotes, consultant availability, and more.

Our unique combination of capabilities offers our customers and partners solutions with the highest standards of quality while giving them the tools to meet the demanding challenges of today’s business environment.