Data Security

Our information security solutions are designed to address the needs of organizations of wide-ranging sizes and sectors. As we implement DevOps, end-user device management, or IT infrastructure systems, our team of security experts ensures that your network and user data are protected from any kind of violation. Our extensive experience lets you create smooth internal and external user experiences without compromising on information security.

Primary Services

Within each area of operations, Wizards’ deals with maintaining security at every step of operations, including:

Identity Management – designing and implementing systems that allow safe, fully-controlled access to your systems, without disrupting workflows.

Monitoring – 24/7 remote supervision using individually-tailored systems, including immediate interventions in case of malfunctions or suspicious activity.

Prevention – system consulting and integration of code security and static code analysis tools during development, as well as ongoing monitoring for breaches and vulnerabilities in container systems

Business Continuity – design, implementation, and maintenance of backup and system restore protocols designed to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Primary Solutions

Identity Management

  • A wide range of federation solutions, including Okta, Azure AD, and One Identity
  • Change Auditor, monitoring and management information system permission changes
  • Enterprise Reporter permission status analysis system


  • Elastic SIEM for auditing (infrastructure and client devices)
  • Quest for GDPR and other regulatory requirements (infrastructure)
  • VMware observability (infrastructure, DevOps)
  • Palo Alto Prisma cloud (infrastructure, clients, DevOps)


  • Elastic Endgame
  • Endpoint protection platforms and detection and response, including VMware Carbon Black, Sentinel One, and Elastic Endgame
  • End-user device security solutions, including Microsoft, VMware, and Quest external and mobile device management platforms
  • WAN, LAN, infrastructure, and DevOps encryption and firewalls, including VMware NSX-T and NSX Service Mesh
  • Cloud security solutions, including Tanzu and Palo Alto Networks’ Prism Cloud solutions
  • GDPR and information protection requirements solutions

Business Continuity

  • Backup and restore solutions, including Veeam, Commvault, and more
  • DR planning and implementation
  • DevOps Ci/Cd pipelines for automatic update reversion and environment re-creation