Designing & Executing
Computing Projects

Wizard’s proven methodology for managing IT infrastructure projects is the key to our success. Our team of consultants and technical experts has extensive experience in planning and executing projects using the proven MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) methodology. MSF allows us to design and implement high-quality solutions quickly while reducing risk and minimizing the manpower required.

Our specialization in IT project management from design to execution includes horizontal infrastructure projects, implementation of new computing technologies, system upgrades, integration, business continuity, cloud, automation, and more.

We are a certified partner of world-leading software vendors such as Microsoft, VMware Quest, Citrix, and Red Hat.

Our method focuses on:

• Alignment of business and technological goals
• Defining project goals, roles, and responsibilities
• Defining milestones and performance indicators
• Initiating risk management
• Effective response to changes

Project milestones include:

• Meticulous technology specification and planning
• Developing solutions in a separate environment
• Piloting the solution in the customer’s production environment
• Installation