Wizards is providing IT consulting services and technology solutions including planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management of enterprise computing systems. Our team comprises consultants and experts who have decades of industry experience and proven track record for delivering expert advice. Our consulting solutions offer end-to-end as well as specific IT services and outsourcing solutions to organizations and companies in Israel and abroad, while collaborating with the top software and hardware manufacturers in the technology industry.

Wizards offers tailored solutions for business needs irrespective of the size of customers business. As a service provider, we are focused on providing highly customized solutions designed to achieve customers operational and business goals.

Wizards has expertise in a wide range of platforms such as Windows, VMware, Linux, as well as various containers vendors. In addition, we provide cloud infrastructure services - defining, building and maintaining cloud infrastructure.


Wizards is a consulting and computer services company engaged in the design, implementation and delivery of a variety of solutions to support organizational computer systems. Our consultants and experts have decades of experience in finding optimal solutions and providing support to organizations and companies in Israel and abroad, and collaborating with the world's leading software houses and computer manufacturers in a wide variety of computing environments - cloud platforms, Windows, VMware, Linux, Containers and more.

Our focused approach in tailoring solutions to customer needs, our expertise in project planning and execution, in implementation of new computing technologies, integration and software development in the cloud environment, enables dozens of companies to quickly and efficiently achieve their operational goals. We also provide expert support and managed system services that include guaranteed SLA around the clock.


Areas of activity

Our hybrid operations cover the whole field of software infrastructure, both on-site and in the cloud, adopting innovative methods and operational steps that make your business dynamic, available, and much faster.

Windows & Linux OS


Security & compliance

VMware & Hyper-V Virtualization

Microsoft Exchange

Active Directory

MS Orchestrator

Microsoft Azure & 365

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Private Cloud

• Red Hat

• Microsoft

• VMware

Foglight Hybrid Cloud Manager





CI/CD - Jenkins

Ansible / TerraForm

Clients & Devices Management
SCCM & KACE Deployment

SCCM & KACE inventor

VDI Solutions



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