Simplify your remote access

“44% of organizations experienced a third-party data breach in 2021 as a result of having too much-privileged access”

The leader in critical access management

It’s time to level up your cybersecurity strategy with critical access management

SecureLink provides a seamless, cost-effective remote platform to corporate resources. It allows you to manage and control the critical access your third parties and support teams need to systems, servers, and databases via a single solution without sacrificing efficiency or security.

SecureLink Functionality

Third-Party Identity Management

Identity Management

• Self Registration Workflow

• Employment Verification

• Source IP

• Access Rights

• Customer Approval

• Managed Lifecycle

• Multi-Factor Authentication

• Email, text token

• Case Number, Etc.

Zero Trust Network access

Zero Trust access

• Multi-Factor Authentication

• Granular Control

• Access Schedules

• Access Rights

• Connection Approval

• Time-Based

• Credential Vaulting

Complete Audit Visibility

Detailed Audit Logs

• HD Video Recording

• Keystroke Logging

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