End User Device Management

The increasing number of end-user device models and supported operating systems, make it more complex than ever to keep infrastructures streamlined and running smoothly.

With our unique integrated management approach, we help both enterprise and government customers improve standardization, accessibility, and security while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Aiming to help our customers control access to critical information and resources, Wizards’ experienced consulting team designs and deploys Identity and Access Management (IAM) and remote access platforms on-prem and in the cloud, using a wide variety of tools:

• Microsoft and Quest-based enterprise distribution solutions
• Microsoft and VMware-based VDI solutions
• Windows 10 operating system upgrades
• Cloud-based end system management solutions
• BYOD EMM solutions
• Equipment inventory and licensing management
• Compliance reporting and implementation

With more than 20 years of experience in end-user device management, Wizards’ team of experts has proven its ability to successfully manage all end-user equipment, from telephone systems to servers and computer networks. Our comprehensive services ensure that all our customers’ systems work together securely and efficiently.